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This weekend is all about baby room planning which is a bit overdue since I’m 9 weeks ’til d-day. It’s so fun to daydream…


How amazing is this structure? Crib, changing table, dresser, and cottage all in one! Found on Little Lovely.



For some reason I’m anti-vehicle and animal print for my boy’s wardrobe, but I’m in love with these two wallpapers! Found on Ferm Living.





We decided we want to do a daybed instead of a rocker/glider in the little guy’s room, but of course we want something totally amazing, vintage, and full of character. Sigh. Links from the top: Hooked on Houses, Ohdeedoh, and House to Home. Suggestions welcome in this category! Please!

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A Portfolio: James Hopkins

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Styling shelves is a real talent, but James Hopkins takes it to a new level. By arranging and cutting into things, Hopkins creates his Vanitas installations from related groupings of everyday objects.

Hopkins says of these pieces in a Wallpaper article: “I see these shelves as tombstones to the current, ephemeral era in design because, while they look quite luxurious and modern now, next year they will already begin to look dated.”

Hopkins_blackstilllife   Hopkins_wastedyouth


Hopkins_consumption   Hopkins_prosperitydecay

Each grouping is comprised of related objects, either by color or style. For example, in Shelf Life (top image), these are all items that would be found in a teenagers room, and point to the impermanence of objects and their persistence in memory. Other groupings include vintage objects or contemporary, design-forward items that Hopkins surrounds himself with.

It’s like making a painting on your bookcases (with a touch of social commentary). Baffling and amazing.

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Baby Portraits, Aww

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Apparently time moves really quickly once you have your baby (that’s what everyone is telling me), so it’s definitely important to capture what you can. Here are some of my favorite baby portrait-makers…


Mila’s mom illustrates her versions of her daughter’s dreams in photographs while Mila is sleeping. The results are hilarious and so clever. Check out her blog, Mila’s Daydreams.




Gabby from Design Mom had her 6th (uh huh, 6!) baby (sweet little Flora June) and had these amazing portraits made by Blue Lily Photography. Check out the others here.

Picture 7

Picture 10

If you live in Atlanta and you want portraits of your baby, toddler, cat, or family, here is your photographer. Traci Gingold has a very natural style—she follows your child’s lead and captures beautiful, sweet, interesting moments.

2008-03-18-stendig calendar

If you want a fun way to document the first 12 months of your baby’s life, buy a 4 x 3 foot Stendig calendar and lay/sit him in the center. Found via Ohdeedoh.

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A Portfolio: David Brownings

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I’ve always been obsessed with the Real Simple paper constructionist, Matthew Sporzynski. David Brownings, an illustrator living in Bristol, has a similar talent with a little twist. Here’s a sample of his work…

Apple   Book

Bookcase   Popcorn

These are described on his site as boxes, but I’m not sure if they are usable or just amazingly cool.


Paper shoes…amazing.


Pop-up books are totally under-appreciated. I love the sense of grandiosity in this illustration.

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Inventive Gardens

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Aren’t these the coolest planters ever? Beyond…

Screen shot 2010-07-20 at 4.27.42 PM

Screen shot 2010-07-20 at 4.28.03 PM

How cool are Flora Grubb‘s Vertical Gardens? You can build your own for the bargain price of $100. It’s looks like a living painting. Found via Oh Happy Day!


These gumball-sized seed-and-soil pods are sold specific to the United States region of your choice. So you can buy the West coast, East coast, or Midwest variety. Just toss them into your garden, no digging required. $6 at Anthropologie.


A true mobile garden. This light-weight portable bag enables you to go from terrace to rooftop, from one address to another, rotating crops year-round. It may seem silly, but how lovely would it be to safely transplant your veggie garden to your new home! From A + R Store.


Sip a glass of rosé on your porch next to your chilled out human-shaped planter by Eternit. Found on Trendir.


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Let’s Party!

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If you are planning a party, I recommend stopping first at one of these three sites. They are full of amazing ideas and gorgeous photos. They make me want to be a party planner!


Sara’s Party Perfect (formerly Party Perfect Blog) is my first stop when I need event inspiration. Her new site has categories—Parties for Kids, Parties for Grown-Ups, and Inspiration and Sources. Even before she kindly featured The Violet Hours (here and here), I was a big-time fan.


New to the party scene is Hip, Hip Hooray!. From the creative minds behind Simple Song, this site focuses strictly on kiddy parties. And it’s SO good.


Catch my Party is a photo sharing website that also has a blog component. You can upload your party pics to share with friends and the public, and it’s a great place to fish for ideas.

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Cupcake Liner Crafts

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Did anyone see this genius use of cupcake liners in the Good Things section (my fave) of the August issue of Martha? It then sent me on a quest to find other cupcake liner uses…


Better Homes & Gardens did a similar thing as above, just with a different purpose. Here the paper liner becomes the top of a gift wrap (although I’m not sure I’d drop jewelry in a clear cup to give as a gift…perhaps it’s better as a party favor. Fill a cup with bright jellybeans and top with a colorful cupcake liner.).



I’ve seen a million garlands made from this material, but this one is different since it’s interspersed with circles of vintage fabric. This garland was a lovely collaboration of Simple Suppers and 100 Layer Cake; Find a tutorial on 100 Layer Cake.


I love how light and airy this cupcake tree is, made from white cupcake liners. It could be more kid-like if done in color: the trunk could be brown, and the majority of the tree could be green with colored spots for ornaments. By Sweet Paul.

Candy favor 3

Zakka Life made this little party favor, using 2 adorable cupcake liners from Bake It Pretty.

Cupcakelinerart1-222x300  Cupcakelinerart2-200x300

I like this abstract and very inexpensive wall art. Found on Craft Gossip.


And now to end with Martha, I love these festive flower balls to hang above a dinner or buffet table.

Have you seen or made anything adorable with cupcake liners?

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