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11 Kid Sized Spaces

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(image sources clockwise from top right Ruta Vitasson, Blesser House, Pinterest, and Momma Design)

When you’re little, there’s nothing better than something being “kid-sized”, especially if it’s a hideout. The adult world can feel so big and a space your size feels special. We’ve collected eleven creative ways to transform whatever spare space you have—be it a closet or a corner— into a kid centric clubhouse.

1.under the stairs playroom, kids playroom, diy playroom, A personal ball pit is definitely every kids’ dream come true! With a sliver of space under the stairs, Momma Society managed to make room for both kinetic and artistic play.

2.playroom under the stairs, diy playroom, polka dot playroomFor a cozier space under the stairs Daffodil Design adds polk dots, pennants, and a pile of pillows. The coloring book panels on the wall are a fun way to invite mini muralists to leave their mark. reading closet, reading closet with ladder, converted closet, kids reading nookThis closet reading loft requires a little more handy work, but Bigger Than the Three of Us shares their step by step method. With clothes hanging at child height, this diy might even encourage your kids to help keep their closets clean (no promises though).


diy book nook, book nook with trees, kids converted closet reading nookA small closet can still make a big impact with a set of shelves and some whimsical wall art. This pinterest project could look equally cool with jungle vines or a sea of tropical fish – depending on where your child wants to be transported.

converted closet book nook, kids reading area, converted closet reading area
 A different decorating option is a rotating gallery of your child’s framed artwork or favorite book jackets. As their tastes change, so can the wall. Via Shabby Nest

6.Narnia wardrobe reading nook, armoire reading nook, diy armoire reading nookIf your kids do have an enduring favorite, it can be truly magical to bring it to life. Blesser House’s Narnia reading nook is a child’s fantasy hidden within an elegant armoire. (Just make sure that the furniture is attached to the wall for safety!)

7.foldable cardboard house, diy cardboard house, cardboard book nookIf closet space is at a premium, helllooo New York, it’s still possible to create a cozy nook. When playtime is over, simply fold up this cardboard cottage and slide it out of sight. She Knows shows you how.


diy reading nook, dreamy reading nook,  A curtain and a corner are all you need to create a room out of thin air. Twinkly lights add to the fairy feel. Via Mommo Design


grey painted reading nook, kids reading nook, kids cozy space Another way to take advantage of a corner is to define it with a coat of paint. Ruta Vitasson’s monochromatic palette elevates this kids area but the collection of soft fabrics and friends keep it from feeling cold.


diy reading loft, kids reading space, elevated reading space, cozy kids reading space If you’re lucky enough to have a loft, follow Design Mom‘s lead and give it to the family members who can actually fit in it comfortably. Your kids will adore having their own castle in the clouds.


hidden reading room, secret reading room, kids secret reading room This last space is probably the most daydream worthy of all. If your kids had access to this carpeted cocoon you’d might not ever see them again! Image via Hongikat

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DIY Rocket Ship Toy

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Thanks to Brother for sponsoring this post and providing us crafters with a new tool for our trade!

how to craft a diy rocket for kids

At Project Kid we love all types of transportation toys, but none spark imagination quite like a rocket ship. Encourage your kids to shoot for the moon with this DIY star ship. In a few years you may not even need to be an astronaut to leave earth, but for now your kids can sail through space from your living room.

We engineered our rocket ship with a few basic supplies but when we started using the P-touch Embellish Tape and Ribbon Printer, it took the project to a whole other level of the atmosphere! Your little one can personalize the fins and flames with 9 patterned tapes, and more than 10 solid colors, plus 14 fonts and over 400 symbols. When they’re done they’ll be able to recognize their ship from a million galaxies away

What you’ll need:

  • 8 oz (or 16 oz) cylindrical glue bottle
  • golf sock
  • Round cardboard coaster
  • P-touch Embellish ribbon and tape printer
  • P-touch Embellish red ribbon, bright green and pastel blue tapes
  • Silver duct tape
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue
  • 1 ½ inch diameter bottle top
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Watch this video to learn how to make a rocket of your own and following along with the steps below!

1. Pull the sock over the glue bottle and trim any excess, then glue edges to the bottom of the glue bottle. Wrap and glue a 2-inch wide band of felt around the bottle. 

2. Trace the bottle top twice on felt and cut out circles. Cut two more matching circles out of the silver tape and trim them down to fit within the felt circles (adhere tape to wax paper to make it easier to cut!). Glue the two felt circles to the front of the rocket body.

3. Glue plastic lid to the bottom of the rocket.

4. Cut 3 fins out of cardboard and cover each piece with silver duct tape on both sides; trim around the edges.

5. Use the P touch Embellish to print out fun tape with fun patterns or names. Attach tape to decorate the fins, as well as the edge of the bottle top. 

6. Next print out a variety of 3-to-6-inch red ribbon printed with phrases and patterns for rocket flames. (We used a zig zag zodiac symbol and “3.2.1..blast off!” typed in San Diego font.) Join the ends of each ribbon with hot glue to create loops then attach to the underside of the bottle top.

6. Attach the fins to the side and back of the rocket with hot glue then attach the bottle top with flames to the bottom of the glue bottle.

Blast off!!

make a rocket diy craft with your kids

Thanks to Brother for sponsoring this post and providing us crafters with a new tool for our trade!

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DIY Animal Envelope Crafts

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Astrobrights had the bright idea to sponsor this post!

bunny rabbit paper envelope diy craft astrobrights gift wrap for kids baby

There are a few types of gift wrappers…

  • The Task Master: I have my gift wrapped in the store, even if I have to pay for it.
  • The Bag Lady: I drop the present into a gift bag, toss in some tissue paper, and done.
  • The Forager: I’m grab for newspaper or anything large that I can get my hands and slap some tape and ribbon together as I’m walking out the door to the party.
  • The Martha: I have a gift-wrap station, with various papers, tapes, ribbons, paper punches and embellishments. It’s my happy place.


I fall somewhere between the Forager and the Martha, but I dream of living my true self as a gift-wrap star! I live in New York, so there’s no space for a true “station,” but I do have a craft studio with literally every type of embellishment that one could want. So when the forethought is there, I try to get gift wrapping done during the work day or I bring supplies home with me.

If you have a few moments to add a little craft to your gift-wrap game, I promise it will make you feel good when you hand over the gift or place it among the ho-hum boxes on a table. Here is my trick for taking a very simply wrapped gift to the next level: bring that envelope to life with brightly colored paper!

When Astrobrights asked me to partner with them on their 50th-anniversary color celebration, I thought, how would I give this rainbow-loving paper company a dazzling 50th birthday gift? So I set out to make this animal menagerie of envelopes…equally perfect for baby showers, kids’ birthdays, and anyone that loves a little surprise and delight in their day!

What you’ll need:


1 Unfold an A1 envelope and trace onto your Astrobrights paper. If you don’t have an envelope, you can print this template right onto the color paper of your choice!

trace envelope template

2. Cut out the flat envelope and fold where the 4 triangular shapes meet the middle rectangle.

cut out envelope template

3. Glue-stick the sides of the two side flaps and adhere the middle section.

gluing envelope together

4. Print out the template of your choice and while cut out the corresponding shapes with your color choice of paper (I used Solar Yellow, Plasma Pink, Cosmic Orange, Eclipse Black and Stardust White). Here are the available free downloads: bunny and rooster, walrus and owl, raccoon and hedgehog, and giraffe.

cut templates to make animal envelope craft diy

5. Use your glue stick to attach all features to the envelope.

glue facial features to envelopes for craft diy paper astrobrights

6. Use white colored pencil to add sparkle to eyes (optional).

add brightness with white pencil to hedgehog eye

Astrobrights had the bright idea to sponsor this post!

bunny rabbit carrot paper astrobrights envelope craft

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Easy Mother’s Day Necklace

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You can’t escape it…the homemade necklace craft is and always will be a staple for DIY gifts on Mother’s Day. We will always love the classic macaroni necklace here at Project Kid, but sometimes you want to give mom a little surprise.

This handmade bauble is a one that mom is sure to love…and no matter how young the child, this is one that will always look chic and polished. With few materials, this one can be accomplished in just a few minutes. And if you act fast, you’ll still have time to hit up Amazon Prime for the materials! If not, your local craft superstore will surely have all that you need!

Here’s what you’ll need:

mother's day heart necklace materials

Peel off heart from paper backing and stick to the wood circle. Make sure to press down firmly.

diy heart necklace for mother's day step 1

Color all around the heart with marker.

heart necklace diy project for mother's day project kid

Peel off heart sticker and discard. Thread string through the hole and knot.

watercolor heart necklace

String beads on to make a necklace.

bead and heart mothers day necklace craft for kids

If Mom is not the necklace type, you can always tie these to a keychain or make a clip for her bag.

make mom a necklace craft for mother's day

A necklace craft for mom on Mother’s Day is a win. One that mom will actually like to wear is just icing on the cake!

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Our Bathroom Renovation

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project kid old bathroom kohler renovation

our famously ugly Brooklyn bathroom

This post and project were generously sponsored by Kohler


While I don’t consider myself an interior designer at all, I’m definitely a design digester. I have Pinterest boards about kitchens, bathrooms, and lighting, I pet velvet sofas like they’re kittens, and I never met a glossy, lacquered wall I didn’t love. But, even with all my oohing, ahhing, and admiration of good interior design, I have to say that to start from scratch designing a room is a bit intimidating. So when my husband and I decided that it was high time we renovate our (famously ugly) Brooklyn bathroom, I looked to the premier bathroom source: Kohler. Once I started to poke around on their site, I learned that Kohler offers real design help, including floor plans, product selections, and 3D renderings.

kohler bathroom design test

Kohler Design Style Preferences: Style Trends









kohler bathroom design service quiz

Kohler Design Style Preferences: Materials Palette


Here’s how I best describe it: Kohler Bathroom Design Service is like an online dating service, matching you up with your best bathroom. You start the process with a quiz (see screenshots above)…you are presented with photos of spaces and you just have to viscerally respond to them—sometimes it was the light, sometimes the color, sometimes the textures. It was like an interior design personality test and I loved it. We also were asked to link to our bathroom boards on Pinterest so that they could see where our eyes wandered when day-dreaming about the perfect bathroom.

pinterest board of bathroom ideas

Once the quiz was complete, we had our first of three video calls with our matchmaker, er, designer, Lynn. The first call is the “Collaborate” phase, where Lynn gathered more info about our taste, our functional needs, and our budget (some things don’t translate into the online dating analogy). As you may guess, I’m more of a Do-It-Yourselfer than a Do It With Someone-Elser so this felt so unfamiliar just unloading wants, needs, tastes, etc. But it all made sense to her…we were speaking her language.

Michael and I are not the types that just say things like “I like green” or “I don’t like brushed nickel.” We are people that describe a surface with more words than probably necessary…I tell stories about where I saw a beautiful tile pattern, when and why I was there. (Michael usually chimes in with—Amanda, Lynn doesn’t need to hear all of this!) I asked her repeatedly if we could do this with every room of my house…it felt so luxurious and helpful to have someone interpret our taste, our needs, and our space and funnel it into a plan that was dreamy and achievable.

kohler design services video chat

Video chat with Kohler Designer

The second call was the “Visualize” phase where we got a swatch-like picture of our new bathroom. Lynn had made mood boards with colors and tiles and Kohler products that were derived from our earlier conversation and the answers from our online quiz.

kohler design service 3d rendering of bathroom

3D rendering video chat of bathroom with Kohler Designer

And then the third call is when we got to meet our new bathroom…a 3D rendering of our little space, complete with new paint, tile, product finishes, fixtures and even an orchid on the vanity! There was no swiping left on this bathroom…we were amazed! And to top it off, we received a box in the mail…a beautiful package of paint samples, wood finishes, and a blown-up photo of the 3D rendering.

I think bathrooms are one of the most complex spaces to renovate smartly and that’s why Kohler Design Service’s $499 price tag is such a steal. You get expert design advice, an easy-to-visual final product with a photorealistic bathroom rendering, knowledgeable product recommendations and access to a list of Kohler Installation Partners. Plus, you get a 2% discount when you purchase the products recommended to you on the list!

Once we shared our hopes and dreams with Lynn, we decided to take the destiny of our bathroom in a slightly different direction, collecting all of her expert plumbing and fixture advice but tweaking the design ever so slightly. She set us on our color palette path of green, gold and white, but the more we looked around, the more we uncovered what direction we really wanted to go in.

We are ready to finally live happily ever after with our new bathroom…let the dating process begin! To check out the Kohler products that we selected, you can visit my bathroom idea Pinterest board! Stay tuned for the final reveal soon!

This post and project were generously sponsored by Kohler

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